Rubiner’s Cheesemongers & Grocers follows in the venerated tradition of cheesemongery, the Chauceresque occupation, nay, vocation (!) of bringing the finest cheeses from the small farmer/producer to the consumer. Although The Cheesemonger’s Tale was tragically lost to history, it was no doubt the story of a devastatingly winning, handsome, and near-magical individual who dispensed great pleasure to the people of the English countryside in the form of pungent, preserved dairy products. In fact, literary scholars believe it was the cheesemonger, and not the old hag, who told the errant knight what women most desire--equal pay for equal work, a girls night out with Tina Fey, and the best damn cheese available. But we digress.

A cheesemonger's job is not simply to sell cheese, but to search out the best specimens available, be they domestic or international. A highly trained cheesemonger understands the history behind his or her cheeses, may know the producers personally, and has a deep knowledge of how cheese is made, how properly to care for cheese, and when a cheese is at a perfect place in the ripening process. Perhaps most importantly, the expert cheesemonger can tell a truly excellent cheese from one which is merely ho-hum. He or she is a teacher, and often a preacher, spreading the gospel according to St. Caseus.

Rubiner’s is a pure expression of its owner, Matthew Rubiner (see below), when he’s at his most charming and brilliant of course. He personally selects the cheeses and every specialty grocery item, letting his considerable field experience and impeccable taste guide him. Offering urban sophistication in a small Berkshire town, Rubiner's is little bit country and a little bit rock 'n roll. We’re somewhat opposed to using the word “curate” to describe how our inventory is developed, but seeing as the word comes from the 14th century Latin for a spiritual guide who cares for the soul, well, why fight it? Cheese for the soul. And chocolate. And a whole heap of other satisfying foodstuffs besides. That’s Rubiner’s.


Matthew Rubiner is the owner of Rubiner's Cheesemongers & Grocers and rubi's café in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He became a cheesemonger in 1994 after a career in military policy analysis at MIT and after serving defense contractors and government agencies, including [redacted], the [redacted], and the Department of [redacted]. His writings on cheese have appeared in Culture Magazine and The American. He has served on the American Cheese Society Board of Directors, appeared on numerous ACS panels, and acted as a six-time ACS National Cheese Competition judge. In 2010 he won the inaugural National Cheesemongers Invitational and in 2013 placed 6th in the Meilleur Fromager du Monde competition in Tours, France. Great Barrington’s resident Cheese Boss, Matt can be counted on to drop invaluable fromage knowledge with a side of searing wit.


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