As it so happens, Rubiner's composes the most lovely "giving boxes," packed with all the wondrous and hard-to-find items that Great Barrington's favorite (world-renowned!) cheesemonger has spent years ferreting out. He wasn't a spy (or something) for nothing. To make things easier on our customers we offer a slate of themed gift boxes to choose from. Each made-to-order compilation will overflow with Matt's impeccable selections of bonbons, condiments, fabulous foodstuffs, and, if you wish, fromage. No matter who you are, or to whom you are giving, a Rubiner's gift box exists in the blissful sweet spot where no-fuss meets high class. Looking for a smashing way to say, “I adore you,” “Thanks a million,” “Pleasure doing business with you,” or “Thinking about you makes me hungry”? Search no further. Forget everything else you've heard. Nothing expresses love and gratitude like fermented milk. Nothing.

All orders packaged in a Shaker-style box bound in black twill.


A cinch to order and a joy to redeem, it’s the ultimate in fuss-free and tasteful gift-giving. Good in the store. Good at rubi’s café. Redeemable anytime.


A Rubiner’s gift box is welcome in any office conference or break room. One box or fifty, each will be a deliciously deluxe way of saying how much you value your professional partnership.


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