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We have proudly provided artisan cheese and charcuterie platters for countless events over the years. From family get-togethers and holiday meals to weddings and large benefits. We put together simple, elegant presentations with accompaniments ranging from dried fruit and nuts to perfectly-paired jams, jellies, and chutneys. We also cater breakfast/brunch/lunch from our café.



Follow our cheese and charcuterie guidelines to help place the right order for your event. Or, if you are overwhelmed, give us a call.

  • We charge $4/person for cheese and $3/person for charcuterie. Price includes freshly sliced baguette and cheese accompaniments.

  • Minimum price for a cheese platter is $40. Happily appeases up to 10 people. 

  • Minimum price for a charcuterie platter is $30. Also happily appeases up to 10.

  • We will provide the serving medium unless you would like to supply your own platter or board. We charge a deposit on our platters/boards, to be refunded upon their return.

  • Extra bread and/or cheese accompaniments available for an additional charge.

  • We are happy to take requests for specific cheeses, and will make every effort to satisfy them, but we do reserve the right to improvise from our current inventory based on your suggestions.

  • We happily deliver or you can pick up from the store.

  • We kindly ask for 24 hours of lead time on orders for 25 people or fewer. For larger events, please do give us at least a week to prepare.


Order now by filling out an order form or just give us a call at 413.528.0488.


Hold your next event at rubi's! Our beloved café is available for private soirees, cocktail parties, and the like. Inquire for details.


Looking for platters for a larger event? Send us some information about your event and how we can contact you using the button below, or give us a call.